BBC Cymru/Wales’ Dylan Thomas season
To mark the centenary of his birth, Welsh stars of stage and screen get together to perform Dylan Thomas’ renowned poem, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.


last night i dreamed that scientists used a really bad picture of me to prove humans are closely related to goats and i was so insulted i woke up

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i had a dream last night that i was working at starbucks and steve rogers walked in and ordered an iced americano and i said “one iced americano for the iced americano" and then i woke myself up by laughing too hard at my own joke

Artist: José González
Album: In Our Nature
Track: Down the Line
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josé gonzález down the line

don’t let the darkness eat you up

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"We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning."
—Sandra Cisneros, on writing (via prewars)
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All that we have, all that we had.

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"Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light"
—Oscar Wilde (via amarling)
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Rene MagritteThe Lovers, 1928

Magritte’s mother was a suicidal woman, which led her husband, Magritte’s father, to lock her up in her room. One day, she escaped, and was found down a nearby river dead, having drowned herself. According to legend, 13 year old Magritte was there when they retrieved the body from the river. As she was pulled from the water, her dress covered her face. This later became a theme in many of Magritte’s paintings in the 1920’s, portraying people with cloth covering their faces.

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